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Seriously! It’s all about acting!

Hello and welcome to My Big Pink Dream, a 12-month experiment in Infinite Possibilities(a Mike Dooley book) where it’s all about acting as if! Seriously! Please be prepared, of course, to surrender to the willing suspension of disbelief Samuel Taylor Coleridge style (as you actually do when you’re reading a novel or watching a movie.) If you can do this, the infinite possibilities M. Dooley promises in his book and in your life await you. Give yourself 12 months. Expect it sooner, and enjoy the ride!

I was a stage and film actor (SAG and Equity) for years, yet in all that time, it never occurred to me to take those stage techniques that helped me transform into a character and apply them to my real life experiences. And that CAN be done. (There were actually times when I felt as much my character as I did myself.)

As we all know, a character in a film or book is believable only to the extent he can convince us by his actions and demeanor that he is. On stage or in film, an actor has to believe he IS that character he’s playing in order to convince the audience he is. That begs the question: IF we can get into roles on stage by convincing ourselves we are our character, why then can we not convince ourselves we ARE the character called “Who-We-WantTo-Be” by changing our actions/thoughts/attitudes into exactly that person. “Who We Want To Be.”

So much press has been given to “if you build it, they will come” (as in the movie) and “if you can visualize it, it can be yours” (as in The Secret) and if you can, etc., blah blah blah – all of which is difficult to do – your life will be exactly as you want it to be. No wonder so many people have tried it and given up soon thereafter. It’s a little more complicated than that
as you can imagine. But, we’ll visit that in the next post… so put your acting shoes on and let’s get on with the show!